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The TOMS Story

knew TOMS in 2012. It is a shoe brand with a cool social campaign. I wish I knew the story from the beginning back in 2006, probably I will be a different and might be a better person in the past. However, it never too late to knowing a good idea worth spreading and get involve with doing the right thing more and more. TOMS is a great story that inspire a lot of individuals to make a better world with simple plan. TOMS is an example of how to make a good brand. Role model for any entrepreneur or businessman in the world for running a company. So, let me share you the TOMS story in my version.

In 2006, the founder and Chief Shoe Giver Of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie was travelling to Argentina and he met an American woman who was volunteering with a small group of people on a shoe-giving Organization. She explained that many kids lacked of shoes. Her organization collected shoes from donors and gave them to kids in need. But the problem is  the organization can't control the donation, like the incorrect shoe size, which mean many of the kids still left barefoot after shoe drop-offs.

From that meeting, Blake began to look for solution for that problem with business / entrepreneurship. The business was very simple concept : Sell a pair of shoes today, a pair of shoes tomorrow.  He called it TOMS. From the phrase of "Shoes for a Better Tomorrow", which became Tomorrow Shoes, then TOMS. For every pair TOMS sell, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One For One.

TOMS --  Miracle

From the idea of solving the problem of getting more shoe for children in Argentina, TOMS get a lot of free publicity with their strong story but simple mission: One For One.  They had set 10,000 shoes as the first milestone number when they'd go back to Argentina and give away the promised shoes to the children in need. Within only 9 months, Blake Mycoskie with his family and friend going to Argentina distributing the first shoe giving from TOMS One for One.

Nowadays, TOMS became a shoe brand with a lot of fans just in less than a decade. A shoe brand that most googled in 2013. The fans are not only buy TOMS shoes for them.  But they also eager to spread the story with their heart. One for One unite all the fans of TOMS, including me as a newbie. We believe a better world, a better life with a simple concept that can help people in need around the world with our consumption of TOMS shoes. That's miracle. With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.

TOMS -- Movement and Hope

TOMS currently give shoes in more than 60 countries. Where TOMS give is driven by the needs of their Giving Partners. TOMS work closely with them to add new communities and countries where shoes will have the greatest impact. I hope the people in TOMS HQ can read my blog. This is why I wrote in English for this blog post, I hope they'd be aware that in my country, Indonesia, there are still so many children who needs their help. Also, I hope TOMS can give me and my team an opportunity for being part of Giving Partners or Shoe Drop in Indonesia. And more than that, make a great collaboration with my brand, Maicih snack with same vision to make a better world with 1 coin 1 leaf program since 2011. Please share this blog post to your friends and family. Indonesia needs TOMS shoe-drop to make a lot of children smiling. I believe we have that energy to make it happen.